Halfway there!

It is only 6 months before I leave for Mongolia. So I decided to collect all the equipment that I need for the trip.
I have my rucksack, solar charging device, multi-tools, sleeping bag, walking sticks and much more. I will post some photos of me shopping.
My family has been very supportive. Without my grandparents none of this would have been possible! They even took me on a training expedition down south over the holidays. So far my mum is still nervous about me going.

In a few months I will have my practice camp which goes over a weekend and gives us an idea of what we will be doing in Mongolia and survival skills. We will learn how to work with each other and lead groups. Next will be the big meeting that decides where, what and when we will be completing community projects etc.
We have already booked the flights to Mongolia: we will fly to Sydney, then Beijing and finally Mongolia.
We will have a couple of days in Beijing on the way and I am hoping that we get to see the great wall of China. 
I am extremely excited and can’t wait to get going on this awesome expedition!

One thought on “Halfway there!

  • July 2, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    What a fabulous and worth while life exsperience both for you all, and those you meet and help,
    really well done ,hope Finn Sangster (my grandson ) is hugely also enjoying this opportunity of a lifetime .love to you all

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